Mavericks-S.A. Southwest Football Game Preview: Fri. Nov. 8, 2019

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Mavericks geared to battle the

Southwest Dragons


By: Conrado Perez, Jr. - Eagle Pass Sports Central

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The C.C. Winn Mavericks varsity football team under the leadership pf head coach Eric Villasenor will close out their 2019 season this coming Friday, November 8, 2019 when they host the San Antonio Southwest Dragons in a 7:30 PM District 14-5A Division I finale at the Eagle Pass ISD Student Activity Center Cozel Foster-Veterans Memorial Stadium. This game is designated as C.C. Winn High School’s 2019 Homecoming game with the coronation of the King and Queen and the Royal Court being announced during the halftime festivities.

The visiting Southwest Dragons under the direction of head football coach Matt Elliott will venture into this contest sporting an overall season record of 4 wins with 5 losses and a district mark of 3 wins with 2 losses. The visiting predominately ground oriented Dragons at times have surprised their opponents this season by throwing the ball more that they usually run in a game but thus far that scheme has not really paid off for them. The Dragons offense offense is spearheaded by their experienced and very athletic Quarterback Matthew Luna #1 who runs and throws very well must be contained and tackled low also plays wide receiver and defensive safety with backup quarterback Nathan Gamez #18 likes to go unyer center, the fullbacks will be Victor Torres # 43 and Jake Friesenhahn #41 who mostly lead block for their ball carrier, the main ball carrier and main threat will be tailback Andre Mitchell #5 a very fast, athletic and most explosive runner alog with Lloyd Young #9 their biggest tailback who loves to run between the tackles, with their H-Back being Chris Smith #11 a very good and aggressive blocker, their two tight ends will be Jayme Quintero #38 and Juan Miranda #40 both of whom are very good blockers and. The receiving corps with feature the fast and dangerous Mahki Johnson #2 who must be gang tackled low because he keeps his legs moving even after contact and has the ability to break away from would be tacklers along with Joseph Garza #14, Trey Cano #27 and Austin Mason #31. The Dragons perennially big and strong offensive line will be comprised by Zach West #60 at left tackle, Roman Ramirez #52 at left guard, Ethan Garza #71 at center, Angel Navarez #69 at left guard and Jaidyn Birts #70 at right tackle.

On defense the Southwest Dragons will feature a 3-4 scheme and employ secondary coverage of cover 4, over 2 as well as man to man. The Dragons defensive unit will be comprised by Clark Griffin #72 at the defensive end slot, Roman Rodriguez #52 as the nose guard and Chris Smith #11 as the anchor end. The Dragons line backing corps will be manned by Victor Torres #43, Jesse Hernandez #19, Jaime Quintero #38 and Juan Miranda #40. The secondary unit will be patrolled by Angel Carrillo #4 and Makhi Johnson #2 with Trey Cano #27 and Damian Castillo # 8 as the safeties.

The C.C. Winn Mavericks will counter with their predominately potent ground oriented game scheme that features their talented backfield duo of their featured premier running back Ethan Johnston who needs to rush for a total of 97 yards against Southwest to join the very exclusive all-time 1000 yard Rushing Club and their Mavericks quarterback Jose Pasdilla who is also a capable runner when he keeps the ball.. When the Mavericks take to the airway the Mavericks utilize the services of the very dependable sure handed and speedy duo of Joe Garza and Ernesto Vasquez. The Mavericks also employ their strong fullback/tight end Carlos Soto and Michael Olivo in both their passing and running game. The Mavericks big and strong offensive line comprised of Jaime Rodriguez, Adrian Munoz, Daniel Ruiz, Miguel Nino, Juan Guerra as well as tight end Carlos Soto will need to regroup and get set to attack and dominate the line of scrimmage to turn their running game loose into the Dragons secondary enroute to the end zone.

Defensively the Mavericks famed hard hitting and quick pursuing squad with Axel Rodriguez, Jose Hinojosa, Alejandro Ontiveros, and Isaias Flores anchoring the all important front line will be more than ready to step it up a notch to hold the Dragons rushing and passing game in check. The Mavericks talented line backing unit comprised of Jared Roiz, Noe Castillon as well as Michael Farris and Lee Roy Alvarez will need to be focused to apply their relentless pressure scheme and inflict their punishing tackles. The Mavericks swarming defensive secondary crew of Eric Sanchez, Gilberto Vasquez, Argenis Gonzalez and Andrew Vasquez will be tested but they always accept the challenge of providing blanket coverage on the opposing receivers and will once again be more than ready to limit the Dragons passing game as well as provide run support when needed.

Eagle Pass Sports Central wishes the C.C. Winn Mavericks the very best of luck against the San Antonio Southwest Dragons and invite the entire famed Maverick Nation and the entire community of Eagle Pass, Texas to come out to stadium this coming Friday night and support the mighty C.C. Winn Mavericks as they close out their 2019 season. GO MAVERICKS! BEAT THE DRAGONS!