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Home Commentaries The Sports Czar Returns: A New Beginning for C.C. Winn Maverick Football

The Sports Czar Returns: A New Beginning for C.C. Winn Maverick Football

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The Sports Czar

They Say That….but EPSC’s Sports Czar Says….

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August 6, 2013

The Sports Czar Returns to Highlight a New Beginning for C.C.

Winn Maverick Football:


It has been a long summer and the Sports Czar has been absent from the local sports commentary scene.  But today there is something very noteworthy and special that has garnered the Czar’s attention and brings him back to provide his say on the new beginning for C.C. Winn Football.


High school football in Eagle Pass had always been focused on the storied and nine decade old history of Eagle Pass Eagles football.  But with the birth of C.C. Winn High School and the Maverick football team that history was changed just a few years ago.  However, the 2013 high school football season in Eagle Pass will be special in the sports history of football in this border city.  It will be special and be remembered simply because one young football coach said yes to a challenge; he left a secure successful offensive coordinators coaching job at his beloved alma mater to undertake what many think is an impossible task of epic proportions:  TO LEAD THE MAVERICK FOOTBALL PROGRAM FROM THE DEPTHS OF MEDIOCRACY TO BECOME A RESPECTABLE AND WINNING FOOTBALL TRADITION IN THE SOUTHSIDE OF EAGLE PASS.

For many that have not known Eric Villaseñor since he was a six year old tee-baller who displayed extraordinary athletic abilities even at that young age, the opinion is that he has lost his senses for applying for and accepting the head football coaching job at C.C. Winn.  But what these naysayers do not know is that the young Villaseñor is a young coach who is intelligent, who is a student of the game of football, and who despite being young in age is a dedicated and innovating coach who will bring a structured developmental football program to Maverick football.  It will take a little time, maybe two to three football seasons, but his program will bear results and those Maverick football players will learn how to win, to be proud of their school and their football team; and yes, they will like how it feels to win and winning will breed more winning.  It will be then that the talented young athletes from the southside elementary schools and Memorial Junior High will begin to look forward to one day  proudly wearing the Maverick silver and black instead of constantly being prey to the luring and ever present attempts to make them go play across town for a winning program.

For Eric Villaseñor, his time is now; he is ready and prepared to be a head coach.  Unfortunately, his opportunity to be a head coach meant leaving his alma mater where I am sure his ultimate desire was to one day coach the Eagles, the team of his youth and where he had the opportunity cherished by many a son, to play for his father.  But destiny is in every man’s life and the decisions a man dares to make will determine his path in life. Every man who later looks back at his life during the prelude of his death, realizes that having made those decisions was what made his life worth living, to have been a man that dared to make a choice to succeed or fail as opposed to never having the courage to try.  This Sports Czar remembers that not too long ago another young football coach accepted a challenge of turning around an Eagle Pass Eagles football program mired in a devastating losing streak; and yes, Oscar “Oki” Villaseñor made those Eagles of yesteryear believe they could win again!

Today, this Sports Czar salutes Coach Eric Villaseñor and with the utmost respect and admiration wishes him the best in his new endeavor.  And this Sports Czar  leaves Eric with the words of H.B. Zachry:

I do not choose to be a common man. It is my right to be uncommon if I can. I seek opportunity – not security.  I want to dream and to build, to fail and to succeed – never to be numbered among those weak and timid souls who have known neither victory nor defeat. I know that happiness can come only from the inside through hard constructive work and sincere positive thinking. I know that the so-called pleasures of the moment should not be confused with a state of happiness. I know that I can get a measure of inner satisfaction from any job if I intelligently plan and courageously execute it. I know that, if I put forth every iota of strength that I possess – physical, mental, spiritual – toward the accomplishment of a worthwhile task, ere I fall exhausted by the wayside, the Unseen Hand will reach out and pull me through. Yes, I want to live dangerously, plan my procedures on the basis of calculated risks, to resolve the problems of everyday living unto a measure of inner peace. I know if I know how to do all this, I will know how to live, and if I know how to live, I will know how to die.


To the 2013 Mavericks: Be uncommon, put forth all you possess, believe in your coach who has dared to be uncommon.

Ничего не поделаешь,-серьезно ответил Швейк.

А если бы он не проснулся, ни ему, ни его "кредитный калькулятор ак барс" трем спутникам не пришлось бы, пожалуй, больше увидеть человеческое лицо, разве только в предсмертной агонии, взглянув в глаза друг другу.

На деле же это хотя небольшая, а все же лодка корабельная гичка, в которой сидят "скачать модною музыку" шестеро.

Пардон,-смущенно извинился он,-пойду блевать, сегодня уже в третий раз.

Если сценка, разыгравшаяся на кашалоте, носила скорее комический характер, то здесь происходила подлинная трагедия, трагедия жизни и смерти.

АТОМНАЯ ПЫЛЬ Мы нашли верховых лошадей, привязанных у главного входа.

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