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Home Commentaries The Sport Czar Says...Sept. 25, 2012

The Sport Czar Says...Sept. 25, 2012

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The Sports Czar

They Say That….but EPSC’s Sports Czar Says….

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September 25, 2012

The Sports Czar breaksdown District 29-5A

High School Football



Predictions for Week One of district:

United over United South

Alexander over Eagle Pass

Del Rio over Eagle Pass Winn

LBJ over Sinton (Non-district game)

As district play begins, The Czar returns out of football hibernation to bring you team by team analysis of district play in 29-5A.  Non-district results are not indicative of who will win the district and who will latch on to the other three play-off slots.

The new UIL realignment left only seven teams in District 29-5A with the departure of the Laredo ISD schools into the 4A division.  This provided for an extensive non-district schedule for the Eagle Pass teams, Del Rio and the United ISD teams.  Due to strength of non-district schedules, won-loss records going into district play actually mean nothing as the real championship season starts for 29-5A teams.

Laredo Alexander lost to Alice, Sharyland and Edcouch-Elsa while beating lower division Zapata.  The Bulldogs did manage to avoid injuries to players in key skill positions.  The Alexander offense supposedly has made the offensive adjustments that will be required to compete for the district title. The Bulldog defense has a tough challenge to try to become like the patently strong defenses of Alexander yesterdays.  The Bulldogs must avoid being surprised by the Eagle Pass Eagles when they open district on Week One of district.  Week Two of district will be critical as Del Rio comes to visit;  a Bulldog win here is critical toward a district title.  With Week Four being an open date, the Bulldogs should garner wins during Weeks Three, Five and Six versus Winn, United South and LBJ.  Week Seven of district versus United will be a dogfight (excuse the pun, bulldogs!) as usual with both teams having worked out the kinks; barring injuries the Bulldogs should prevail.

Laredo United played by far the toughest non-district schedule; going 0-4 against Southwest, Smithson Valley, MacArthur and Reagan shows nothing in the win column but will go a long way toward preparing the Longhorns for district play. Take note that despite facing respected defensive teams, the Longhorns still lit up the scoreboard.  One huge setback is losing quarterback Salas to injury but his replacement and the United offense will rise to the challenge. Weeks One thru Three (with an open date in Week Three) will be no problem for United.  During Week Four the Longhorns must survive the Eagles as their Week Five match-up with Del Rio could be the difference as far as championship aspirations.  United must travel to visit the Rams, so our edge goes to Del Rio.  For week Six of district the Longhorns should handle C.C. Winn. Week Seven against Alexander could well decide the district title;  our edge to Alexander this year.  Betting against the Longhorns against Del Rio and Alexander could well be the downfall of our predictions; the Longhorns will have the final say as football games are always decided on the field.

Del Rio went 2-2 for its pre-district but finished strong with two victories against Clemens and Brackenridge.  For Week One of district Eagle Pass C.C. Winn visits Del Rio for a game that the Rams should  win.  Week Two will take Del Rio to Laredo against Alexander with our prediction being a Ram win that will position the Rams to contend for the district championship. Weeks Three and Four will bring Ram victories over United South and LBJ.  For Week Five of district  Del Rio hosts Laredo United; the Rams at home should prevail.  Week Six brings the the perennial border rivalry with the Eagle Pass Eagles and a Ram victory could assure an unblemished district record and a district title.  By Week Seven the Rams will have an open date and it will depend on them whether they wait as champions or will be awaiting the United-Alexander outcome.

The Eagle Pass Eagles lost two games against two excellent opponents in Weslaco East and Alamo Heights while the Eagle defense made possible a victory in beating Laredo Nixon.  The pre-district slate dealt a great blow to the Eagles as they lost their starting quarterback for the season.  The Eagles’ first of two open dates could not have come at a better time as they have had two weeks to work with sophomore quarterback Ty Chisum in preparation for Week One of district against Alexander.  It will take the creativity and optimal game plan of the experienced Eagle coaching staff and its offensive coordinator to secure enough points on the scoreboard to defeat the Bulldogs.  And yes, the Eagle defense must show up and put a leash on the ‘Dogs.  Weeks Two and Three should provide Eagle wins over United South and LBJ (although LBJ will as always bring the experience of the old wizard who will always have Eagle Pass roots). By Week Four the training curve should be over for the young Eagle quarterback as the Eagles travel to meet the Longhorns who also have had to replace their starting signal caller.  Our edge goes to the Longhorns, but if the Eagles’ running game has matured they might surprise the ‘Horns. Week Five of district will have Eagle Pass with its second open date, while Week Six brings the visit of a Del Rio team who might be leading the district.  Week Seven will be another Eagles-Mavericks meeting with the edge going to the Eagles.

Laredo LBJ beat Uvalde in pre-district while gaining experience against Gregory-Portland and Uvalde.  The Wolves will be the only team in the district with no open date once district play starts.  Our district predictions envisions victories over United South and Eagle Pass Winn with a possible surprise win over the Eagles.

Eagle Pass C.C. Winn opened non-district with wins over Uvalde and Laredo Martin but injuries contributed to losses against Laredo Nixon and Hondo. The Maverick season has been dealt a devastating setback with the loss of their staring quarterback and possibly an undetermined injury to their outstanding sophomore running back Deion Alonso. It will take a great effort and having some young players growing up quickly to varsity competition for the Mavericks to get in the win column.  The Winn offensive line will be a force as they continue to improve; running back Alonso if he returns healthy could be a game maker.

United South went 2-2 against McAllen, Cigarroa, Martin and Rio Grande City and could be in a battle with Eagle Pass and LBJ for the fourth play-off slot.  The Panthers must have wins over Winn, LBJ and Eagle Pass to be in play-off contention.

The Sports Czar predicts Final District Standings:

Del Rio                    6-0

Alexander                5-1

United                      4-2

Eagle Pass              3-3

LBJ                          2-4

United South           1-5

Eagle Pass Winn     0-6

(first four places make play-offs)


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